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By Mubarak Aliyu


The International Careers Festival is an event held annually for people seeking to build an international career in fields such as business, diplomacy, journalism, and others. The organization responsible for the festival in Rome is called Giovani nel Mondo, which is a non-profit organization in Italy that helps fledgling professionals develop their skills.

Participants can choose between different simulations to take part in, such as the Model United Nations (MUN), which is mostly for students who are interested in political science and international affairs, particularly diplomacy. The MUN in Rome, known simply as RomeMUN, is an exercise whereby students pick a country, draft position papers, and defend the interests of their chosen country – all while following the actual structure of the United Nations (UN). RomeMUN is the largest event of its kind in Europe and has been a success throughout the years.

For students interested in economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, and management, there is the Business Game. It is structured to be a competitive case study of specifically created business issues. The whole process is supervised by a carefully selected handful of professionals from renowned companies. The winning team is awarded an opportunity for an interview with one of the partner firms of Giovani nel Mondo.

The third event is the Press Game, which is designed for those with an interest in journalism

communication, media, translation and interpretation, literature and philosophy. Similar to the Business game, it is the main source of documentation for the festival. The organizers say this is case in the world of a simulation entirely dedicated to those who want to make communication and mass media their own working future.

Then there is the International Careers Course, which is a set of conferences and practical worksho1ps dedicated to globalizing the scope of the attendees’ prospects and careers. It acts as a form of guidance on how to have a successful international career.

Last but not the least is the International Careers Fair; an area open both to attendees and the public, which fosters the interaction both between students among themselves and then with industry experts. It is divided in two parts: one dedicated to education and another one focused on work experience as well as internships.

To sum up all of the above, the festival is a wonderful occasion for networking, discovering new opportunities and interacting with brilliant people from all over the world. It is also a very helpful event to give students the right tools to conceive their future work environment without any state boundaries.

This year the festival is having its 10th edition in Rome, drawing attendants from all over the world. For any questions about the nature of the event, the application process and all potential information that could be needed, visit the detailed webpage:



Deadline for application: December 21 2018

December 14th 2018 – Deadline for scholarship applications

For questions and guidance on registration, contact:

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