Independent study students volunteer for three days, help make the ECA Housing Conference successful

Avi Benyakar

On April 28 students gave a presentation at McDaniel Budapest about the conference and the personal experiences that they gained from their participation in the event in the esteemed company of Barbara Thomas, representative of Habitat inCentral Europe. At the beginning she mentioned the compliments that McDaniel students received from the organizations involved.

The students, one by one, talked about their experiences from participating. To start they presented the mission of Habitat in the world and some of the goals that they are trying to achieve. The ultimate goal and maybe the most important one is to eliminate poverty from the world.

The students continued introducing the problem in Europe and centralAsiaas they discussed in the conference with some of the delegates.

After presenting the problem, one of the McDaniel students, Adela Kuci, gave her personal point of view on the problem by showing some examples from her home country ofAlbania. She gave a brief summary of how Habitat actions inAlbaniahave changed the lives of a lot of families: from improving water supply to building new roads and sewer systems.

At the end, two of the students who volunteered to take photos, Mona Monsefee and Ali Dowlaty, gave a visually stunning presentation and provided the audience with a quick overview of what happened at the forum. The students also created a website that contains all the photos they shot and the short films they made.

In the end I would like to mention the great organization by our college, which gave the students the opportunity to participate in this prestigious event, as well as the great production that evening.

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