Human Trafficking event: end modern day slavery




By Cristina Ciobanu


The Raday Salon, along with Cristina Ciobanu, Marketty Bleck, and our newest member, Brooke Ness, has the enormous pleasure of inviting all of you to our second event of this semester.



We invite all students to come to a second opportunity to be involved in a thought-provoking evening focused on the issues of human and sex trafficking. Just like drug or arms trafficking, human trafficking is an illegal market industry that is present all over the world, based on the principles of supply and demand. It is a clear issue that must be put to a stop in this world!


During our evening, there will be a movie screening of The Whistleblower, which is a true story based on the personal experiences of a police officer who was a part of the UN Peace Keeping Mission in Bosnia. Afterwards a lively discussion session will be held.


If you are interested in these kinds of modern issues, you are more than welcome to come on Thursday, April 3 at 18:15. The event will be held in Savannah Music Club on Dohany utca 40.


This event is not just about hearing about compelling and true stories, but is it also about getting together and educating ourselves about important topics while being surrounded by good people!


Hope to see many of you!

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