How to get used to the cold temperatures

Get used to the cold

By Cristina Ciobanu


Now that winter has finally arrived, how do you deal with chilly weather? Are you the only one who’s always freezing in your group of friends? Do you hate going out when it’s icy outside? If so, then this article is especially for you.

 Sometimes the cold weather comes out of nowhere. The last few days have been a great example of this phenomenon, going from an atypically mild, almost Mediterranean winter to harsh and cold snowy weather. Even though winter might come in an unannounced way, it is very important to be ready for it, and to keep your normal daily routine also during these cold days.

The first thing you should always do in the morning is to wake up in a positive mood, looking through the window and organizing your plans for the day. Turn on your favourite playlist and breathe in a bit of the fresh morning air. If you take a morning shower, be sure to start it hot then immediately switch to cold water for a few seconds, and then back to the warm water. This will make your immune system stronger and get your body used to the cold temperatures.

When you leave your house, just take a minute and try to realize how cold it is. You may end up realizing that is it not as cold as you thought it was, in fact sometimes being cold is more psychological than real fact.

You can get used to cold temperatures by having fun. Go out with your friends for a skiing competition or snowboarding. If you’re not the sporty type, just go with you friends and have a snowball fight. What I personally love to do is to go for a night walk with my best friend: it will help your sleep and improve your mood the morning after. The fact that you are with a loved person next to you will make you forget the weather and enjoy the moment while having fun in the cold weather. Once you go back home, the first thing you should do is to put on your comfortable grandma style socks and prepare your favourite tea or hot chocolate. Take the time to relax, because you deserve this after a long walk, this will give you the time to think about what you did during the day and maybe make you realize that there are some positive effects of cold temperatures. Next morning, don’t forget to shower more with cold water than warm while listening to your favourite playlist.


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