Hoover Library and new Email service

Fardin Khanjani

“Unique, reliable and official.” Those are the words Dr. Matthew Adamson uses to best describe the Hoover library and the email service. Just imagine the prestige you create in your friends minds after sending them a nice congratulatory email for a particular event using your McDaniel account. In addition to that, this email service and the Hoover library, which will be explained later, can create unity among the students and staff from both the main campus and the Budapest campus.

Your McDaniel email account and the username and password you need to have in order to access your account are ready! All you have to do is contact Professor Adamson and receive your official letter sent from the main campus. The steps you need to take to activate your account are plainly described in the letter. When I first entered my own account a few days ago, I realized that 150 emails had already been sent to my email address from the main campus, basically one email per day. So in this way you can really keep in touch with McDaniel. From the technical point of view this email service is provided by Gmail – one of the most popular and trusted e-enterprises – and is very simple to grasp in case you are not already using it.

As for the Hoover library, you can be sure that if you use the sources provided on the site for your research and articles, they will be as reliable as the library itself. The easy and widely used way to do research is to GOOGLE a topic and usually open the first suggestion by Google which is Wikipedia. The question here is: are those trustworthy? Probably not. The point here is that the school has taken some wrong steps to get the students to use the Hoover library. What would you think about if I told you not to think about a pink elephant? Of course you immediately think about a pink elephant. In one of the courses last semester the professor banned using Wikipedia and emphasized that using Wikipedia would be considered plagiarism. So it would be better for the school to focus on the main issue rather than trying to limit contrary stuff.

“Finding articles on the Hoover library in not always easy,” says Dr. Adamson. “You need to be patient and look carefully for what you want and then you can be sure that in the end the result will be above the standard limit.” It is also the best way to impress the professor you are writing for. If he or she realizes that the source for your research was the official library of McDaniel College, then you are more likely to get a good mark.

Now let’s see how the library works. When you first enter the McDaniel website and select the Hoover library, you can search for articles, books and DVDs. In the article section there is the option to search for what you want using two methods, namely “Find information by subject” or “A-Z database”. In the “Find information by subject” section the best example would be the dictionary part where you can find the meaning and different definitions of a word, the roots and the history, the phrases and quotations in which that word is used, etc. On the other hand, in the “A-Z database” there are 62 different fields from “ATLA Religion Database” to “Chemistry Journals, Military & Government Collection” and “Teacher Reference Center”. One of the most interesting, and in some cases useful, parts in the “A-Z database” are Historical newspapers in which you can find archived editions of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, etc. back to the 1990s or even 1980s.

One of the problems with using journals provided by this library is that for some reason you cannot get full access to some of them, but the school has a solution. All you have to do is contact the library via your McDaniel email and ask for the whole journal.

Finally I am going to use my official McDaniel email for the first time and send this article to the Messenger editors. I hope it works!

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