Head to buzzing Belgrade for the Museum Night

By Milica Stamenkovic

Belgrade. Some see it as a city of fun, some as a city of history and culture. When it comes to vacation, Belgrade is a hot spot.

An upcoming event that is visited by Serbians as much as by foreigners is Noć Muzeja (Museum Night). If you are an art lover then this is definitely a night for you. Small price for a whole evening of admissions to any museum in major cities of Serbia is more than an inspiration for foreigners to hurl and visit. Every year, there is a variety of exhibitions that attract younger and older generations likewise. However since this year is the 10th anniversary, there are going to be some new, never before seen exhibitions in its honor. In only one night of the year , galleries and museums on 65 locations in Serbia are awake till 2am! The night which most of the people keep in memory for a long time.

Museum Night

The idea for this special museum night came from various artistic groups that are consisted of famous and talented artists and art historians. The goal of this organisation is to show the creativeness of Serbian and international artists and become well known and appreciated by those who witness their work.

Needless to say, I attended this event a couple of times, whenever I was in the country. It is something definitely worth seeing and this year it will be on May 18 from at 6pm-2am. Except for the nice and informative exhibitions of painters, there are those of old photographers, then those at the Philosophical University of Belgrade that concern with social sciences… Workshops are also organised for the youngest attendants. It will be an entertaining for every generation and I encourage you to come and visit Belgrade and spend an unforgettable day in the capital of Serbia.

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