The Harvey Weinstein case breaks a societal taboo

The Weinstein Company And Lexus Present Lexus Short Films - Red Carpet

By Marine Quesada


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the storm that’s taken Hollywood over the past few weeks. Over fifty women have accused the award-winning film producer and Hollywood pillar, Harvey Weinstein, of sexual harassment and assault. Big names, such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cara Delevingne, have all shared their horrifying experiences.


Seeing their role models speak about their own traumatic experiences, thousands of other victims shared their own sexual harassment experiences on social media.  The vast majority of these people said harassment would often occur at their offices. Both women and men shared how people around them sometimes knew about the situation but chose to ignore it, because it either made them uncomfortable or the people being accused had too much influence. Usually, the victims of sexual assault are left alone to deal with it, even if it happens in a professional environment, such as an office, because it is considered to be a private matter.


However, the employer is responsible for the employee’s physical and mental health, and there are strict laws and penalties for rape and harassment of any kind.


But why is there still nothing being done about it? Why did the Harvey Weinstein case suddenly lead to thousands of people opening up about their own problems? Simply because famous Hollywood celebrities began to speak about this sensitive subject, which can be considered as shameful and taboo. These role models have demonstrated that even if they are known and adored by the world, they are still vulnerable. They can be victims just like anyone else, and fame doesn’t make them immune to sexual assault.


It is concerning that in 2017 sexual assault is still considered to be a taboo, and that people with the upper hand and an abundance of influence, like Harvey Weinstein, have been able to get away with such sickening behavior. Fortunately, Weinstein has lost his film company, and has been abandoned by many sponsors, as well as being dropped by the Oscars Academy.


The Weinstein sequence of events should serve as an example for any future victims of sexual assault.

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