Your Good Karma for this Spring


By Paula Paredes

As Budapest is slowly emerging from a mild winter, allow your body to do the same and nourish it with colorful food in preparation for the summer. Eating out is always lovely, but combining it with a healthy and, at the same time, an affordable option can be a rather tricky task. Why have to choose? At Good Karma, you will be given the opportunity to eat at an informal café/restaurant or ask for takeout with the rapidity of fast food (if not faster than the McDonald’s at Keleti) combined with the quality of a high-end fashionable place.


Good Karma existed with its first location behind the well-known Mammut shopping mall near Szell-Kalman metro station in the adjacent pedestrian street. It has now very recently opened its second location at a much more popular and international address: between Liberty Square and the Bazilika. Many international students, from CEU in particular, walk through this central street and can enjoy a healthy lunch in between classes. Good Karma also offers the option of delivery through the Wolt application, making it available to residents who do not live, study or work nearby or for a quick late-night studying snack.

The menu is inspired by Indian cuisine as the creators believe it is the perfect way to incorporate healthy ingredients that can still add up to an affordable meal. The result will not only fill you up for the rest of the day and nourish your body correctly, but it is also delicious due to the variety of spices and fresh ingredients incorporated in Indian cuisine. The best part of these meals is their adaptability to any special diet, be it gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian, as the whole menu is mostly suitable for all of these requisites. For once, meals are naturally without allergenic ingredients instead of being replaced by bad and unhealthy alternatives, the lentil and rice wrap called Dosa is a perfect example as it is a great and healthy alternative to the wheat western version.

Even though the place is bright, clean, in a high-end location and serves quality food, the prices are still remarkably low. The owners are clear on the fact that their main task is to do good as they believe good karma goes to people who are continually giving a friendly hand to others. Eating well for a reasonable price is their way of doing good, and through their warm and affordable food, they hope clients will be pushed to do the same naturally. Their website highlights the apparent need to make a profit to continue in business, but with the sole purpose to be able to put that money back into the system.


The way they hope to help the community is also through their impressive list of eco-friendly partners listed at the bottom of their website. They collaborate with an eco-friendly bank, healthy fruit juice, and water companies to give alternatives to the most famous soda companies by selling better products and recycling their used oil through a partner that uses it in the industry. As well as buy eggs from a family that keeps chickens outside in a healthy environment. The most impressive part of their social activity is the use of organic and fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, incorporating them into the restaurant market without being crushed by much bigger competitors.

Good Karma is the new alternative for your spring cravings. Ditch the easy McDonald’s or Pizza Forte temptation and go for a cheap, healthy and savory lunch with friends. Located in the heart of Budapest with a bright seating atmosphere, this restaurant is bound to attract many lovers of superfood and filling lunches, so run to get your first bite of the Dosa Roll or a colorful spoonful of one of their many Basmati Bowls.

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Budapest, Október 6. u. 21, 1051

Budapest, Lövőház u. 19, 1024


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