Going Mad for Donuts in Budapest

Donuts to eat while studying in Budapest


By Zsófia Balassa

After a hard day of studying and stress, we all just want to take a few hours of our day and relax, and what better way of doing that than going to go grab a donut at the Donut Library?  For the American students who are feeling homesick or those who are craving the experience of something new, this library provides what no other ordinary library does: not books to take out, but donuts. Lots of donuts. From pink to crazy colorful donuts, from strawberry flavored to nut flavored, there are all types to choose from. This shop has everything you desire. The best part is that it is just like the donuts you can get in America. Hungary is not famous for owning many donut shops, in fact, rumor has it, The Donut Library is the only shop that is good enough to be compared to the ones in America.


As you walk into the shop, you’ll notice that it is very small, but it carries a certain calm atmosphere with it. With big windows for sunshine to fill the place, and decorative books, – to demonstrate that they have something to do with libraries after all – the place is perfect to have a relaxed conversation and catch up with old friends, while, of course, enjoying a mouth-watering donut.


At this point, you are probably wondering about the price range. For a shop to sell foreign food, their prices must be high up. Wrong. Their prices are very reasonable, as one donut costs only 290 forint (1.30USD). Not only are the employees friendly, but the prices are also friendly to your wallet! Don’t believe me? Then have a look for yourself at Pozsonyi út 22. The shop is right near Margit Island, so if you feel guilty for eating so many delicious donuts, just go for a run – then come back and eat some more!

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