Fun things you can do over the summer in Budapest

By Paula Enevoldsen


Staying in Budapest for the summer instead of going home? Or not having big travel plans? Getting depressed about it? Here I will give you some ideas to enjoy what Budapest has to offer in the summer while not suffocating with hot temperatures.


It might seem like there aren’t a lot of places in the city to lounge in or enjoy the sun, but on Margit Island, you can find “Palatinus Strand Parton” bring your sunglasses, swimsuit, and a towel and enjoy a splash in the water. It can be considered the “beach” of the city, boasting 8 different pools (e.g. kid’s pool, swimming pool, fun pool, slide pool, and wave pool).


Prices can be student friendly, just show your student ID and your ticket will be very affordable.


Entrance fee: 2,800/2,100 HUF (in the weekend: 3,200/2,100 HUF)

Extra amenities: foot tennis, ATM, slide park, safes

From 3 June, 2017: 9:00-19:00

Website in English:


On the other hand, for fun in the water there are also the famous Hungarian thermal baths. Széchenyi Bath, for instance, is the largest thermal bath complex, not only in Budapest, but in Europe as well.


During the day, Széchenyi provides a typical day at the pool, but at night it hosts spa parties from 10:30 pm to 3 am. Keep in mind, you have to book in advance though.


Entrance fee: depending time of arrival

Open from 6am to 10pm




Furthermore, if you’re in the party spirit, something to do in Hungary is to enjoy the vast variety of summer festivals such as: “Volt”, “Sziget Festival” Or “Balaton sound,” you can select the day you would like to go, depending on what groups or artists are performing, or even go for the entire duration!


There are many festivals outside of Budapest, which will allow you to discover other borders and cities.  For example, “Volt Festival” is in Sopron, a city situated by the western border of Hungary near the Alps. It is also where the popular beer “Sopron” originated.  Furthermore, “Balaton Sound” is located in Zamárdi, a small town on the southern shores of Lake Balaton. As the distance between Budapest and Zamárdi is only 110 km, you can reach the festival easily from the capital. There are several options for transport to the festival, and for getting around the area, in case you decide to stay in one of the neighboring towns.


I personally plan to go to each one of them for at least one day. The atmosphere is wild and free and I am sure you can find different ways to enjoy your time.


It might surprise you how many other activities (cultural, parties, festivals, etc.) are happening in the city and beyond. I suggest checking out:  WeLoveBudapest website ( where they provide updates about what is new in the city.


Enjoy J

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