By Abiade Zainab


Fifteen students from McDaniel college, as well as Dr. Adamson and Professor Jack Arnal from the main campus in Maryland, had the opportunity to volunteer at the horse therapy center in Fót the Friday before last.


The unique therapy center is an organization here in Hungary, that helps children with disabilities recover from both physical and mental illnesses. They are helping them build a connection with horses and gain skills that help them in many areas. Although other animals such as elephants, dolphins, cats and dogs can be used, many people prefer to use horses because of their unique attribute.  Horses are fun animals to play with and can tell when a child is nervous.


Last semester the guest professor Jim Kunz, also from the main campus, had the opportunity of working with this organization with some of his students. McDaniel College would like to continue their relationship with them by helping them prepare for an upcoming event at their institution.


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