Field trip to the Aquincum Roman ruins: uncovering Roman ruins

By Felix Timmers and Leigh Choi

The relatively sunny and warm fall weather was the perfect beginning for the visit to the Aquincum Museum featuring Budapest’s resident Roman ruins. The trip, led by Professor Melinda Harlov earlier this month, was an opportune moment to appreciate the value of historical monuments.

Adding to the pleasure of examining the ruins, the tour guide was extremely helpful in detailing the context behind the excavated sites. Among them were: meat markets, merchant shops, bathhouses, theaters and a city center. According to the guide, the Romans incorporated a complex city plan where roads had three lanes – two for pedestrians and a large center lane for vehicles.

Within the museum building, various discovered artifacts were displayed revealing the social life of Aquincum. For instance, there were a variety of unearthed coins and reconstructions of beautiful tile arts.

Aquincum hosts several events and performances throughout the year, highlighting how history still interacts with the present. Whether you have an interest in ancient architecture or are in need of a place for a scenic stroll, Aquincum is definitely a place to explore. For more information, visit their website at

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