Farewell to our graduating students

Kelechi Ajoku

As the semester comes to a wrap, we will not fail to bid a fond farewell to our graduating seniors: Anais Bandura, Laszlo Frenyo, Benedict Nnuji, Cynthia Chinyere Nwaiwu, Kelechi Ajoku and Merve Taskin  They have worked hard to earn their degree and should be honored for their accomplishments.  Many of us will have the chance to wish them well at the graduation ceremony coming up on May 20, 2011.  The Messenger had the opportunity to interview two of them, Anais and Cynthia.  Anais is Belgian; she is a Business and Economics major. Cynthia is an Economics major from Nigeria. It was indeed an exciting time to interview them and see what they have to say:

The Messenger: Are you satisfied with the major you chose?
Cynthia:  Yes, very much satisfied. It was the initial course I had in mind before applying to McDaniel College. I’m glad and thankful everything worked out despite all odds.

Anais: Yes and no. Yes because I got the major I’ve always wanted. But some important missing classes like Entrepreneurship could be offered in Budapest. All students should be able to get an internship so they can reconcile what’s been taught in class with reality.  Also, there should be less Liberal Arts classes and more specific classes related to the major.

The Messenger:  Which were your best years as a McDaniel Student?
Cynthia:  The first and last years. The first year was exciting for the special feeling of being in college; a new world with new experiences. It’s the year when choices were made and this had a big impact on my remaining years. The last year is also very exciting, but with too many thoughts about the future, like: what’s next after graduation?
Anais: My first year because I met a lot of new students
The Messenger: Will you miss McDaniel College? If so, what will you miss in particular?

Cynthia:  Of course, I will miss climbing the stairs. I use to crack jokes with my classmates that climbing the stairs is already a physical education and should be added to the school curriculum. Then, we won’t have to take all four required PE courses. On a more serious note, I will miss my friends and the wonderful college life. I will miss the humanitarian consciousness of McDaniel and how it helped me when I most needed it. I will also miss my professors: Dr. Gábor Drexler, Margo Kovács (though not part of McDaniel anymore), Prof. Kristina Kiss, Prof. Márta Siklos, Prof. Jolán Róka and many others.  I feel bad that I cannot list all of the wonderful people.

The guys at the security will also be missed.  Let me share an experience with you; I was expecting a parcel and so, I would always go to the security guys to know if they had received it. Each time I went, they told me they hadn’t. As I entered the school building one morning, an envelope was handed to me by one of the security guys. With much anticipation, I opened the envelope only to find a note that says “nincs levél” (no letter). It was hilarious! They are wonderful people.

Coming to Budapest and attending McDaniel College has shaped me into a better person.

Anais: I will miss some teachers, especially Tina Kiss who was the best professor ever. I wouldn’t say I’ll miss my friends because I know I will keep contact with them. But I will definitely miss the mix of cultures.

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