Farewell to the 2017 Graduates

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By Paula Enevoldsen


When January became May and we were faced with McDaniel’s seniors graduating, we needed to remind ourselves of the elapsed road as they all pursued a new beginning in their lives. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye, as teachers are not the only ones who put so much of themselves into their students’ lives, but students put themselves into fellow students’ as well.


We are saying goodbye to excellent students, such as:


Berecz, Eugén

Bunker, Robert Nagy

Chen, Qingqing

Gál, Anna

Garni, Tessa C.

Grunwell, Sarah Marta

Gurung, Anusha

Kalmár, Anna Gréta

LeFleur, Maxim Alexander

Olaye, Emmanuel Adeyinka

Palmer, Amy Elizabeth

Rosenthal, Kevin

Sunday, Sarah

Zasypkina, Arina

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Graduation is an exciting time for all participants; seniors are celebrated for their hard work and earn their way into a new world. Amidst all the change though, the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are left to say goodbye to the friends they have made who are leaving. Deep down, there is a little bit of sadness at knowing when the fall comes around, there will be fewer familiar faces running around campus.


Here are some things that members of the class of 2017 had to say about their time at McDaniel and their college experiences:


* College was a great, unique experience that taught me to see and understand the world around me from a new international perspective. It was a great opportunity that everyone should experience. I will definitely miss the  people I’ve met the most, and hm, I don’t know what I won’t miss. Ah, exams” -Arina Trashova


* “I’ll say I’ll miss being part of an international environment on a daily basis. Moving to Budapest wasn’t an easy decision but I’m so glad I did. I just truly enjoyed being in a young and vibrant city. There’s always something going in Budapest.” - Kevin Rosenthal


* it’s been amazing to have the opportunity to study in such a multicultural environment and in such a beautiful city. I’ve fallen in love with Budapest and the people who live and study there. Because of McDaniel I feel like a more open minded and understanding individual.” -Sarah Sunday

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Most of us know how difficult it can be to say goodbye to friends. There may be some sentimental speeches, a few great parties, and maybe even some tears. But one thing is for certain: your seniors will always be your friends. Leaving school will not change that, if anything, it will give you more people to help you get ready for the outside world. So grab a drink, wish them well, and enjoy your summer!

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