Express yourself with Fast Fashion



By Shahin Ghoreishi


“Fast Fashion” is an approachable and modern style of clothing, for affordable prices which appeals to a wide and diverse range of consumers of different ages, but mostly to young people.

Fast Fashion companies target huge groups of people. Its predominant consumers are mostly young people, such as students who are not working, or young people with low or average salaries who are not able to afford fancy brands like Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana.

The reasons that Fast Fashion became so popular is its bargain prices and modern and fashionable style. Fast Fashion brands successfully manage to appeal to people’s needs; fashionistas or the average guy looking for a simple shirt will always find something they like in a Fast Fashion store, due to the immense variety that those stores offer. However, one of the strongest characteristics behind the success of Fast Fashion is undoubtedly the low and attractive prices. Since the economic crisis broke out in 2008, people tend to spend their money more cautiously, and buy cheaper items, making Fast Fashion stores the best option for consumers who want to have attractive and fashionable clothes, while not having to spend half of their salaries.

People are interested in variation; they like to wear different things every day and this is what Fast Fashion is about. Fast Fashion is a concept based on the needs and habits of modern everyday life. Fast Fashion companies are absolutely fast designing, fast producing and fast selling, just like almost every product nowadays. They change their designs every month, and because of their cheap prices they have a very high demand, making their products fast selling as well.

Fast Fashion is not only an innovative concept in the fashion industry but it is also an innovation in the marketing field. For example, let’s consider the popular brand Zara. The popular Spanish brand does not use advertisements that often, like many other clothing companies do. Other Fast Fashion companies, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and Pull & Bear, do the same: low investment in advertising, which also helps to keep the prices low and have more capital available to open many stores in many different cities all over the world. The system is simple and cheap, but most importantly it is fast. Every store, wherever it is located, could be in Budapest or in New Delhi for example, receives the new collection and is ready to sell it to a broad and diverse group of consumers. Some other Fast Fashion brands, such as Mango, do advertise, however it is done in an entirely different way than high-end fashion brands.


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