Exploring the Impressionists with Prof. Harlov: exhibition prolonged until November 24


By ShuanDan Lin

 Professor Harlov organized a visit to the BudaCastle, where Monet, Gauguin and many other Impressionists’ masterworks were shown in the Hungarian National Gallery for a reduced price of 700 HUF, on Saturday, October 12.

There were 16 students, half of them from the main campus, who attended this trip. We successfully met up with Professor Harlov and her friend at 3 p.m at Szél Kálmán Square outside the metro station in front of the transportation ticket offices. After meeting, we took the 16A bus to the Buda Castle and walked to the Hungarian National Gallery.

We entered the gallery at its ‘A’ building, where our large bags and coats were stored and walked through to the ‘C’ building where the Monet exhibition took place. We were informed that no drinks were allowed in the exhibition rooms and we were prohibited from taking photos inside those rooms.

Not only that, but the use of mobile phones for answering, making phone calls or texting were also not allowed, “It is to prevent other visitors to be disturbed and to avoid triggering the alarm!” said one of the guards.

The drawings were separated on the two sides of the room, one of them held the drawings for Monet, Gauguin and other non-Hungarian artists, while the other side of the room contained all the drawings from Hungarian artists, such as Szinyei Merse and Rippl-Rónai. The side that held the drawings from Hungarian artists was divided into smaller rooms that had different size and lightening. All the texts on the wall and the texts attached to the pictures were written in both Hungarian and English.

If you follow the path to the end of the exhibition room, there will be the entrance to the souvenir shop where you can buy postcards and books and other gifts that contain the pictures of the artists. However, bear in mind if you leave the room from the entrance to the souvenir shop you are not allowed to enter the room from the same door! If you would like to see the drawings again it is possible to enter the room from the other side and it is also possible to leave the building to take a rest, walk around the hill and then come back later on.

The original price for this exhibition is 3,400 HUF. There are other exhibitions held in the Hungarian National Gallery, such as Chagall’s paintings. Tickets are sold in the ground floor of building ‘A’.

For more information please see: http://www.mng.hu/en/exhibitions

For Sarah Sunday’s review of the exhibition see (original end date no longer valid): http://mcdanielmessengeronline.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/immensely-impressive-impressionism-exhibition-runs-at-national-gallery-until-october-13/


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