Editor’s Note: 10,000 and counting

By João Salviano Carmo

The Messenger Online reached this week 10,000 views. Since March 2011 we have been visited by readers from more than 100 countries from across the globe and we have published more than 130 articles.
Starting with campus news, travelling through Budapest life, touching arts, culture, sports, fitness and travelling, discussing current affairs and sharing personal experiences and thoughts, 4 teams of dedicated writers have illustrated our blog with their words and carried each one of us with them through this journey that is about to complete 2 years already.
Our newspaper is a space for sharing and learning, to develop skills and knowledge, to discover our diversity and to enjoy it. It is a celebration of the multitude of backgrounds and perspectives that enriches our campus and that increases our respect and tolerance for one another.
Thank you for travelling with us so far and we are looking forward to having you joining us in the many adventures ahead as the Messenger Online will continue to explore and comment on the world we live in.

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