Beite Chaili

Those of you that are not used to Hungarian food or spices and those of you that can’t find a a particular snack or drink they like are in for a treat. There is a store in Budapest called Culinaris that sells drinks, snacks, spices,and fruits from all over the world. It is open from 12 to seven on Mondays, Tuesday through Saturday it is open from 9 to 7 and on Sundays it is closed. The store is located in three different locations, all in Budapest.

The smallest of the three is located very close to our college, and is also close to one of Tree Hugger Dan’s stores located at Hunyadi ter 3. To get to Hunyadi ter 3 is also very easy – you just have to take the four and six tram to Oktogon and walk in the direction of Hero Square and take a turn left at the second intersection; corner of Andrassy and Csengery street. The only negative aspect of this particular store is that it has a limited amount of supplies and once it runs out you have to wait for one to two weeks for them to re-equip.

There is also a medium sized one close to Kossuth Lajos Ter and Jaszai Mari Ter. In order to get there you can take the red metro to Kussuth Lajos Ter and take the 2A tram for one stop in the direction of the parliament. You could also walk to the next stop and keep following the tram tracks until you reach the first right corner from the tram or you could also take the four and six tram to Jaszari Mari Ter and take the 2A tram for one stop and walk back to the first corner. The advantage of this store is that is fairly close to the four and six tram lines and that there is a restaurant within the store.

The third and final store, the biggest of the three stores, is located in Obuda. To get to it is a bit more complicated. You have to take the blue metro to Arpad hid then take the 1 or 1A tram for three stops, after which you take the number 86 bus to the left (facing the buda side) for one stop and walk to the next corner where you will find the store. The the downside in this case is that it is located too far from the city center and getting lost on your way there if fairly easy.

In these three stores you could find a great variety of goods. from maple syrup to pancake – pancake mix to poptart.

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