Countdown to Christmas: top Christmas songs and movies


By Anna Kalmár


If you’re not feeling in the Christmas mood just yet, one way of getting into it is through music. Seasonal songs bring you this warm feeling thanks to their joyfulness. When you listen to Christmas songs, they make you want to get ready for this holiday and start putting decorations up or making gingerbread cookies.

In this article, I’m going to list the best Christmas songs that are inevitable to listen to this time of the year.
In the first position, I would have to put Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you. This song makes you feel so happy and it’s unavoidable not to sing along to it.

We all know, of course, the king of Christmas songs: Michael Bublé. He made a special Christmas album on which we can find all the traditional Christmas songs covered by the talented singer, such as Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Let’s not forget about the father of Christmas songs: Frank Sinatra and his Jingle Bells. As soon as we hear his inimitable voice, we know it’s indeed Christmas. Santa Claus is coming to town from Bruce Springsteen is an all time classic and one of the most traditional of the songs. If you’re looking for modern Christmas songs, you can always check out Chris Brown’s This is Christmas, a song that will conjure up the vibe you need. If you have teenage kids, a “special” song for their age is Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe. This list would be incomplete without mentioning Beyoncé’s interpretation of Silent night and Ave Maria.

Christmas is about spending some quality time surrounded by your family at home. One of the favorite activities is to gather around the television and watch some Christmas movies. The first place must go to Home Alone. This 1990s movie is on the TV every year on Christmas day and never gets old. And who stole Christmas? The Grinch did! My personal favorite would be Love Actually. This movie defines the concept of cuteness by showing us that love is surrounding us and in fact is all we need. A little girl covers the famous song; All I want for Christmas is you in it and it gives us goose bumps along with Hugh Grant’s prime ministerial funny dance.


Hopefully these will get you in the mood, because Christmas is near. Have a nice Christmas and make the most of it.

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