A club for diplomacy

By Bernadette Radnai

Imagine a student club where it absolutely does not matter where you come from, what you’re studying, what experiences you have in the work and life, or what your future goals are. A shared interest in world politics is all you need to join. Let me introduce you to the brand-new “Diplomacy Club” of McDaniel College Budapest and its founder.

Diplomacy Club is opening its gates to students who strive to possess an even more expansive multicultural knowledge and understanding of our world. McDaniel’s new club, already preparing for their next meeting, and soon to be registered as an official club, is already making its founder and creator proud. Even after the first ever meeting, organised by Guigo Klinkerfuss and the helpful hand of the college, the Diplomacy Club has a glorious international community with members from literally all over the world. Members include: Hungary, Iran, US, Laos, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Chile; representing diverse majors of the college, such as psychology, art, and political science.

Coming all the way from Brazil, Guigo Klinkerfuss envisioned the Diplomacy club as a place where members can “learn about, and from each other”. “We are in such a diverse environment here at McDaniel, it’s important we know, and understand each other.” His vision is not to have a regular club where people just hang out and eat free pizza, but actually a class-workshop-like club where someone is presenting at the front, and issues are being discussed together.

Guigo also added how the club “aims to educate about the countries that are represented, and educate its members to form their arguments, but also learn a bit of tolerance.” The club is offering the chance to improve oral presentation skills, and have discussions/debates on current politics and learn how the Model United Nations work.

With his exemplary, long-term goal of setting up an entire McDaniel delegation to be part of one of the Model UN meetings (in Hungary or even abroad), it would be an amazing opportunity for those who wish to pursue a career in international politics, or basically in any field that encompasses an international industry.

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