The Class of 2015: Farewell interview with Shahin Ghoreishi


By Youmna Benmaymoun


Shahin Goreishi, one of the finest students of McDaniel College Budapest, graduated in May and delivered this farewell interview to us. A proud Persian, a business-minded student and a wonderful classmate, Shahin will most certainly be missed.


Q: How has been the ride here in school? What were the highlights?

A: There are so many good things about McDaniel College Budapest. First of all, I like the fact that it is a small school so you get to know everybody and at the same time you have the chance to get to closer to the professors. Some professors teach more than one or two courses so you get them more than once during your studies and I think that is a good thing. This allows them to get to know what you need exactly and so they try to adapt their methodology to your needs. Professor Smyth, for instance, is one of the professors that I highly respect because he takes time to get to know his students and work out what kind of improvements they need and then he starts working on them. When I started college my English was not as good as it is now. Now, I’m finishing school and I’ve already written a lot of articles, I attended so many courses and he has always been my advisor.

As for my major, I liked all of my professors because they were very good at what they do and very enthusiastic. I got to know so many professors and I’ve stayed in touch with them even when I wasn’t in their classes anymore. They are all friendly professors who advise you even about general matters of life. If you have questions, you always feel like you are welcome to ask.

I would also like to mention that I made so many good friends here. I met so many people from different countries and I am planning to stay in touch with them forever.

Q: Can you think about anything that you didn’t like throughout your time at college?

A: I feel that the school could be more organized if the students help doing some things more. I think it could be a good experience for them. If at the same time they are receiving knowledge from the college, they can also be given tasks they can learn from and that would be awesome! When you give responsibilities to your students and they see it’s not just academic, it prepares them more for their professional future and gives them the opportunity to work in a group.

Q: What are your future plans after finishing here?

A: Once I graduate, I will have to go home and work in my father’s company. In the near future I’ve decided to help my family business with everything I learned here and then later, hopefully, if everything goes alright, I would love to continue my studies. I will start applying for masters in 2016 and maybe start in the following spring semester.



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