Chill Out Below the Stairs

By Federica Simone

Tired in between classes? Need a comfortable spot where you can sit and read that long book? Well from now on you have a new place where to do just that!

The Student Union has set up a comfortable, little space under the stairs in the basement with pillows, blankets and lights. The space may be small, but it is cozy and can provide an excellent hangout spot during lunch time. Of course there are many places where you can go during your free time; however if you just want to stay in college, feel free to go there!


The idea started at the beginning of last semester when our beloved Nikola Djokic saw the empty spot and saw the opportunity of turning it into a useful space for our program. It took some time to get all the permissions and a budget for it but finally at the beginning of February the Student Union got the money and time to make it happen. Three students, two Student Union panel members, Brooke Ness and Federica R. Simone, and a stronger one who dedicated his time and arms to carry the heavier items, Umut Küçüktetik, and Dr Adamson went to get all the necessary things to set up a comfortable spot.  After a fun trip to Ikea (who doesn’t love Ikea) all the pillows, blankets, a table, a carpet lights and a clock were in school and got set up few days later.

Immediately after its setting up, the Chill Zone got many visits and positive comments.  There were people who didn’t like the idea and the position of the place, however allow me to give a few positive impressions of it. The place is cozy and warm, much warmer than the club area.  It can be a quiet spot to do the assigned reading in between classes without leaving the school building, which means saving time and more reading time. Moreover, it can be a nice space to just take a break and enjoy a snack with your buddies.

The Chill Zone is a free space open to everyone where you can chill, have a snack, take a power nap or do your reading. It is there so why not use it? The only rule is “don’t steal the stuff”, unfortunately already broken since somebody stole one of the lights. Nevertheless, the Chill Zone is open and if you have some free time between classes feel free to go check it and use it, and don’t forget to give feedback about it to the Student Union (meetings Tuesdays, contact Federica Simone or Brooke Ness for more info), there’s always room for improvement! :)

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