By Ian Goldman

So this is the first post of my adventures as a young broke and a dare I say handsome cook looking to eat above my means. To accomplish this I have made a list of rules to follow when going cheap. . .

1.) A little bit of spice will make everything nice. . . this will go a long way into making an unappealing dish into something you can actually stomach. My favorites would be powered garlic, parsley, cumin, pepper, and every self respecting persons favorite beer. You now have your foundation for any cheap delicious meal.
2.) Don’t expect organic. . . lets face it if your not growing it organic is out of your “and my” price range.
3.) Take note of cheap foods in your grocery store and plan around them not you.

In the days to come I will track and post the cheap dishes that I cook whether it be good or bad. I will post a picture, my recipe, and my wonderful “worst food critic” girlfriend’s opinion of what I have cooked. . . Hopefully someone else will learn from my successes and failures. “and hopefully I will still have a girlfriend by the end of this”


hobo chili

What you need:


  • 1 can of beans
  • Cheap chopped phallic shaped meat, most likely hot dogs or sausage of some kind
  • 1 Can of stued tomatoes
  • 2 Onions chopped
  • Cheap beer most likely Natty Light if your like me
  • Good ole American cheese


Remember you will have extra onions, meat, cheese, and beer if you do not drink it all while cooking.

1.) Okay so start by putting the cheese, beans, tomato’s, and about a half can of beer into a pot and setting it on low.

2.) Once this is done grab your skillet and place the chopped onions and chopped hot dogs or whatever meat you’ve gotten your hands on and cook on medium until the onions are no longer crunchy.

3.) Now unite these two mixes by placing the onions and hot dogs into the beans and season to perfection. I tend to prefer making my chili spicy and garlicky because that is what any self respecting Hobo wants on a cold day. This is one of the most simple dishes that I can think of so if this is too difficult for you may want to reconsider your culinary career as well as your IQ. Yuss!

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