Charity Concert for the Gal Siblings

On the 17th of December, at 7:00 PM,McDaniel College is opening its doors for a great and important charity concert. The College and the Jewish community that own the building, heard the story of Tamara Gal and her brothers and decided without hesitation that they should provide a venue for the charity concert.

Tamara Gal, 22 years old, was a student in the Liszt Ferenc Academyof music two years ago. She had already faced one terrible tragedy, when she lost her mother and was left alone with her father to take care of her two younger brothers, Filip, now 20, student of classical guitar in Vienna and Tin, 15 years old attending high school.

Then another terrible tragedy struck: her father died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

The three brothers together are getting 250 EURO support from the state and the rest they need to earn by themselves; we all know that this amount is not enough to have a proper life.

McDaniel College is welcoming you to come and support this tragedy story and take participation in the concert, featuring the works of Grieg, Mendelssohn, and Fauvé. Please see the announcement for more details about the time and location.

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