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Super Bowl, what now?

By Yarbrough Laws   Prior to the National Football League’s season starting no one would have expected the Super Bowl LVI matchup to be what it […]

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A man raised by silence is the last man laughing.

By Tommy Mashiah “You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone to leave your culture. People are so comfortable with dorms and everything they provide […]

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The real State of the Union

By Briana Gomez   According to a poll conducted by Pennsylvania marketing firm, SSRS, the reaction to President Trump’s State of the Union Address, last Tuesday, […]

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McDaniel Budapest proudly hosts the 58th Annual European Branch of the American Counseling Association Conference

By Paula Enevoldsen McDaniel Budapest had the privilege of hosting the 58th Annual European Branch of the American Counseling Association Conference on September 30 and October […]

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Graduation Ceremony 008

Farewell to the 2017 Graduates

By Paula Enevoldsen   When January became May and we were faced with McDaniel’s seniors graduating, we needed to remind ourselves of the elapsed road as […]

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Writer's Block photo

How to survive writer’s block

By Anna Gál Uninspired, bored, cannot find anything exciting or interesting for weeks that would be worth writing about? You feel like you are stuck with […]

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Opinion: Freedom of Speech and Liberal Terror

By: A.Reza Liberal terror can be defined and identified as the leverages which force societies to affirm the pre-existing liberal normative frameworks and visions of the […]

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Champions League final preview: the clash of the Madrid titans

By: Farzin Tazesh   We are now finally in the final stage of this year’s Champions League and the two giant clubs from Madrid will once […]

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teebillz and tiwa savage to split

Blissful marriage gone sour

By Rabiaty Yusuf   Two years ago, a Nigerian female musician known as Tiwa Savage got married and had a son with her ex-manager, Tunji Balogun, […]

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The rich kids of London

by Emmanuel K-Olaye   The revving of super-priced, hyper-fast cars in the streets of London announces the arrival of the new generation of social media savvy, […]

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Image: A Christmas tree installed with lanterns, measuring over 10 meters high, is illuminated in Shaanxi Province, China

Christmas continues to catch on in China

By Haisha Wang   Christmas, as one of the most important western holidays, is now becoming increasingly popular in big Chinese cities since China has been […]

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Stepping it up: making the transition to advanced workouts

By Virág Kiss If you’re reading this, then you should be past the beginner stage of weight training and in search of the best intermediate or advanced workouts […]

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Travel blog: on the road in Italy with Virág Kiss, the face of BioTech USA

Colorful villages, superb seafood, juicy lemons and sumptuous sweets on the Costiera Amalfitana On the sunny Friday when my plane landed at Naples airport, I turned […]

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Travel blog II: on the road in Italy with Virág Kiss, the face of BioTech USA

Stepping off the beaten track in romantic Ravello Breathtaking views, fresh seafood, genuine local charm and colorful buildings clinging prettily to steep hillsides. We’ve found a […]

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Eat your way to the ideal weight

As we all know, a good diet is vital to help us squeeze into our tiny bikinis or Strings for Men 2014 J. Experts are agreed […]

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Iranian bank files lawsuit against UK Treasury due to $4 billion loss

By Shahin Ghoreishi The largest private Iranian bank, Bank Mellat, has brought a lawsuit against the UK’s finance department for its supposedly unfair sanctions that have […]

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Virág Kiss carrying heavy weights: a student of two universities and a professional fitness model

An interview by Viktor Jósa I don’t think I have to introduce you Virág Kiss, she is probably one of the most special and most known […]

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Top 10 Christmas movies

By Zsófia Balassa Is it just me, or does the Christmas season really change the mood and spirit of the people? The smell of freshly baked […]

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Comics and Propaganda: uncovering hidden Superhero identities

By Daniel Csáki Comics are “sacred” forms of printed manifestations of childhood dreams. Most of us had them, loved them and perhaps still do. But were […]

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Art Nouveau Walking Part 2

Welcome to the second of two tours that between them offer a comprehensive picture of Art Nouveau, or Szecesszió as it is known locally, in Budapest – […]

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Opening the doors to Budapest’s prestigious past

  Doors have as many different meanings as appearances. They may represent an entrance or an exit, a passage to a new opportunity or an escape. A […]

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Art Nouveau Walking Tour Part 1

Welcome to the first of two tours that between them offer a comprehensive picture of Art Nouveau, or Szeszeció as it is known locally, in Budapest […]

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Scintillating Szeszeció: Budapest’s unique take on the Art Nouveau movement

By Fahime Tehrani Hungary covers the vast range of art schools that have come into being over the centuries, and its Budapest is one of the […]

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Film review: The Great Gatsby

By Mark-Antonio Zivic The “Roaring Twenties” was the age of prosperity, party, carelessness and just sheer exuberance. The popular decade is also the setting of Francis […]

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Summer Festival Go-To Guide 2013

By Fahime Tehrani  We are thrilled to bring you a short overview of Budapest summer life. Regardless of the high temperatures these sweltering days, Hungary provides […]

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North Korea: What’s Next?

By Norbert Horvath Tensions have been rising since this past February after North Korea announced it had conducted an underground nuclear test, its third in seven […]

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The Mega Battle Continues

By Norbert Horvath No way,” he says, leaning his massive 6-foot-7, 300-plus-pound body onto the cart’s steering wheel. “That would be allowing them to get away […]

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Iran’s Presidential Election 2013: who will succeed Ahmadinejad? – asks Fahimeh Kari

It might be less than a month until Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presidential term comes to an end, but he does not seem to believe the fact that […]

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Consider making a Master’s at the CEU your next step

The Central European University (CEU) was founded in 1991 by George Soros, the American-Hungarian financier and philanthropist, in response to revolutionary changes that were transforming Central […]

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dV_KLlFZhTfmy-0woTmCAyOsGN9rRsP-Iwg4_T2o5B8 (1)

Internship Interview with XpatLoop.com’s Stephen Linfitt

By Mark-Antonio Zivic  XpatLoop.com is an English-language portal for expats that live in Hungary. It’s been publishing daily for 12 years, and it’s the leading online […]

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-Just do it. 
-I did it.

Nike – the Dark Side of Sport

By Federica Simone Lately, there have been many scandals in the world of sport. From cheating on spouses and drug tests, but even murder – all athletes involved […]

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Pope Benedict XVI to resign Feb. 28

By: Kristine Harjes, Nikolas Gavril, Viktor Josa 85-year-old Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will resign after seven years as leader of the world’s 1.2 billion […]

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