Caledonia Bar in Budapest Forced to Close

by João Salviano Carmo

One of the most visited places by foreigners in Budapest has been ordered to close for two months following a surprise inspection by the authorities. Among the reasons that led to the closure of the popular “watering hole”, sought by many for their typical pub food and sports screening, was the fact that they had two bottles of the same spirit open behind the bar and they had alcohol in the kitchen. It seems that if this is the reasoning for closing down Caledonia then, most probably, every bar, restaurant and pub in Budapest will face similar punishment soon…

You can find more information about this here.

Caledonia is fighting back and appealing from their forced closure and there are fears that this 2 months shut down may lead to the permanent closure of the establishment. Let’s hope reason prevails and Caledonia remains open for the public.


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