By Chase Bushman, Rowail Khan and Dana Licata


Year after year millions of Americans line up outside department stores and shopping malls in freezing temperatures risking their lives for one thing only- deals. According to BlackFridayDeathCount.Com 14 deaths and over 100 injuries have resulted from these intense after dinner events since 2006 in America alone. Thousands of citizens have been arrested for violent acts over teddy bears and KitchenAid mixers, and as these events become more and more horrific each year they also expand to conquer the world and bring violence to shopping areas everywhere.

But what, exactly, is Black Friday and what are its origins? Where did its namesake come from? Black Friday traditionally takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, starting from midnight into the morning, coining the term “black.” The term Black Friday was first coined in Philadelphia and these chaotic day-after-Thanksgiving sales have been occurring since the 1950’s. However, it has become a phenomenon spreading across the globe to the European and Asian nations and even Down Under. This brings about more questions, seeing as these countries do not celebrate Thanksgiving how and why did the tradition expand to grace their malls? Capitalism, demand and supply, and the worst thing of all…greed. Children and teens alike all over the world cry, beg, and whine all year long and thus force their guardian to put their lives on the line to get the hottest items on the market.


A 61-year-old man being trampled to death in 2011, multiple pepper spray incidents, shootings, and stabbings are just some of the crazy things that shoppers have done. For example a year prior to the 61 year old death a former marine was stabbed in Best Buy, he luckily made it out alive but just imagine making it through war, and facing death during a shopping trip. While this chaotic shopping spree is fueled by patrons running on emotions and redbull, they are also burning off the calories from the previous meal and getting the majority of their holiday shopping done in one trip. Black Friday allows for not only a rush of adrenaline but also a chance for sales to skyrocket and therefor saving many stores that could have gone under. According to, American shoppers spend an estimated $5 billion in the 24 hours.


As great as the deals are and as exciting as the hunt for deals can be, it is important to be safe if you decide to partake in the biggest sale of the year.

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