Bake your own bureks the SB way

Bureks (or boureks) are savory pastries that originated in Turkey. Throughout the years, almost every region that has been linked to the Ottoman empire developed their own way of making them (as well as their own spelling), and I would like to share with you my country’s (Algeria)  version, or at least, one of them. They are simple to make, and even easier to eat. You will need:

For the dough:

250 gr of flour

100 gr of Butter, softened

2 Tbs of vegetable oil

2 pinches of salt


(and possibly egg-wash)

For the filling:

Cheese, cooked ground meat, minced vegetables, or all of the above, essentially anything that you feel like eating. Algeria, as it is a country located by the sea, you will sometimes see anchovies, tuna or shrimp filled bureks.

With the tips of your fingers, blend the flour and salt with the butter. Add oil and water, mix until the dough becomes supple. Water should be added in small amounts, until the dough does not stick to your fingers anymore. Let it rest for half an hour.

Form little dough balls, then flatten them with your palms, until it is the shape of a disc. Put the stuffing in the middle of the disc, and fold the dough over to cover the filling. Press and seal the edges, either with your fingers or a fork.

If you have any remaining dough, you can keep it in the fridge for 48 hours or freeze it.

There are two ways to cook your bureks. You can fry them in heated oil, until they become a golden color and some small bubbles appear on the top. You can also brush them with egg wash, place them on a baking sheet, and cook them in the oven, preheated at 150°C-180°C, for about 15min.

If you decide to fry them, strain your bureks after the cooking on an absorbent paper for a few minutes. Serve while they’re still warm.

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