Bienvenue to the McDaniel French Circle


By Cristina Ciobanu

    -   C’est quoi ça?

  – C’est un group de conversation dans la langue française, pour debutants, ceux qui parlent couramment, ceux qui veulent apprendre la langue – en gros, pour tout le monde!

  – Ah! Je comprends. Mais où? Et quand?

 -  Chaque mercredi, après-midi, de 12h а 12h30 dans la Salle 220.

 -  Ah, bien, ici au campus, pendant le déjeuner. Je viendrais alors!”

           If you have no idea or even some idea of what this means, then come and study French with us, practice classes are open to everyone at McDaniel.

Learning a new language in a different country can be intimidating and difficult. As the old African proverb goes “Iron sharpens iron and practice makes perfect”.

Some McDaniel students usually gather together every Wednesday to practice French in a friendly environment and to also help other students improve their speaking skills. The idea originated from Monsieur Adamson who is always present as well. Do not be scared or shy, everybody is welcome no matter how many words you know.

Even if the group is still small, big discussions are held. We try to get to know each other better, from another perspective, we talk about various aspects of student life, we touch upon art topics and others. Just imagine for a second speaking in French about art or food. Oh delicieux! For students who also might want to learn simple basic words and expressions like greetings, telling the time or other basic French skills, the French circle is the right place to be.

Moreover, if you are interested in learning the French culture or about France in general, there are volunteer students who can help you. You might also get some tips and advises on some of the best places to visit in France if you intend on traveling there for the holidays.

The group meets every Wednesday in the room 220, from noon until 12:30pm.  Come and be a part of the Crème de la Crème du McDaniel College.


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