Awesome art night winds down semester  



By: Emmanuel Olaye


McDaniel College Budapest’s final art exhibition of the semester included the work of the Perceptual Drawing, Painting, and Digital Photography courses, as well as the final exhibit of graduating senior Jessica Ross. The SIS: Budapest and Beyond course was also involved in the December 11 event.


The presentations kicked off with the SIS class. Our task was to imagine – if we had to leave the country as soon as possible – what three items/experiences we would take with us, also amongst these three items one of them incorporates all we’ve spoken about in class this semester. We also had to create a slogan that sums up our experience in Hungary.


Some slogans were:


“Hungary: a gem unfound”, “Hungary: a Small country with a fun city”, and “Hungary: The Most Unappreciated Country”.


During the SIS course presentations, one thing was common amongst the things we would take away with us: wine. In fact, we all made mention of Hungarian wine as one of the items which we would take with us. Other experiences/items were; Hungarian food, parks, festivals, the Christmas experiences, and so on. See picture below:

Clarissa’s Presentation:



Next up was the perceptual drawing class, although not everybody made a presentation. We had a presentation on fashion. Nazgol Rezapour, who happens to be into fashion, made a drawing that incorporates her passion. She spoke extensively on her love of fashion and what designers she liked and why she incorporated it into her work. Designers like Channel (fragrance), and so on. We also had a presentations from students set to graduate on Friday; Jessica Ross and Nazanin Azizian.


We had a really interesting presentation by Jessica Ross, who was about to graduate the next day. Her presentation was about her family tree and she connected it to the post war period. It was a great presentation, filled with history, a bit of her family’s story and how they’ve influenced her in life.  Picture Below:

dasd másolata

Just after Jessica’s Presentation.  Behind her is her family tree with photos of her ancestors. Also she brought in her wedding gown which she made herself.


Some other art works included:

sfff másolata

This was my favorite art piece of the night. The attention to detail is impeccable; with the shading and toning on point.


All in all, the exhibition was really good. We got to know people’s ideas, family history and what inspires or motivates them. McDaniel College Budapest is truly filled with real talent, not just in music or writing but also in art.

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