By Jeanett Mari Gibson Short Nilsen


When you enter the city of Amsterdam, the first thing you see is the never-ending stream of people on the streets. A combination of tourists and locals, Amsterdam is a city that is full of life, no matter the weather conditions. Whether it’s raining, snowing or sunny, the city attracts people from all over the world. Some visit for the shopping and general tourism, while others come for the weed and soft drugs, which are legalized ins the city, along with prostitution in the red light district.


Regardless of this, there is a lot more to do in the city. Amsterdam may be seen as one of the most liberal cities in the world, but it is also known for its extremely high density of museums, historical points and tourist spots. Among these are the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Vondelpark,the “grachten”, Hermitage Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum, which holds Rembrandt’s world-famous Night watch. There is even a sex museum.


A city filled with plenty of history, Amsterdam’s buildings and architecture play a big role in setting a pleasant atmosphere in the city. The channels that surround and cross through the city also give the city of Amsterdam an aspect of something special. It is a beautiful place filled with picturesque scenery. The city is filled with local shops and it is not unusual to find that the local people taking pride in their products. These products range from cheese to tulips and more!




Here is a list of some interesting places to check out while in Amsterdam:


-          Oudemanhuispoort Book Market

The market is between two grand 18th-century university buildings, where they are more concerned about quality books rather then quantity. Here you will find books in all genres.

-          Albert Cuyp Markt

-          Getto

Getto is a burger bar where every burger is named after a drag queen who has preformed there.

-          Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

The pancake house is a comfortable restaurant, well-known for their good pancakes.

-          PGC Hajenius – the art deco tobacco shop

This shop was opened in 1826 by Pantaleon Gerhard Coenraad Hajenius, who was only 19 at the time. The store became the official supplier for several European courts.



These are just a few of the places you should visit while in Amsterdam. The city is filled with hidden places that are ready to be explored. It is because of this that Amsterdam is such an exciting place to travel. Wherever you go, there is some kind if hidden treasure and that is why everyone should take the opportunity to visit Amsterdam at some point in their life.

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