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The Secret History, a must read!

By Tyler Wood So you haven’t read The Secret History by Donna Tartt? That’s not surprising, as the book, credited with popularizing the ‘dark academia’ subgenre, […]

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By Ian Goldman So this is the first post of my adventures as a young broke and a dare I say handsome cook looking to eat […]

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Budapest Boasts World’s Best Bar

By Alexander Grigorasenco   One more place for Budapest to be proud of: first place in a Lonely Planet organized vote for the world’s best bar goes […]

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United still leads in the Manchester battle for the title

By Filip Florsic Just when Manchester United looked home and dry, relegation threatened Wigan provided the blue half of Manchestera lifeline going in to the next […]

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Making art out of war

By Rahmi Umut Küçüktetik Weapons are not only a tool which many people use to destroy the lives of others, since one man in Maputo, the […]

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easter eggs

Easter: what does it really mean and where does it come from?

By Alexander Grigorasenco Easter comes to our families with the beginning of the good weather, lots of sun, with the rebirth of nature. Symbolically the Christians […]

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Marni for Dolce & Gabbana

Huntswoman: Fashion Weeks 2012

By Hanan Shamsan As fashion weeks in the major European cities and LA have come to an end, I figured that it is an appropriate midway […]

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The Arab spring in the eyes of a successful film maker

By Nariman Alatrash   On Tuesday, February 28 the Central European University hosted one of the most highly acclaimed Egyptian filmmakers, Khaled Youssef, who is known […]

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Organizing the Charity Concert: an interview with Professor Zita Pandi

On December 17 of last year, McDaniel College Budapest had the good fortune to host a charity concert, given by the renowned Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra. […]

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Budapest Museum of Fine Arts

The Museums of Budapest

March 15 marked not only Hungarian Independence Day, a national holiday commemorating the 1848-49 war against Austrian-Habsburg rule, but also a unique opportunity to enter Hungary’s […]

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Celebrate St. Paddy’s day Budapest style

By Filip Florsic St. Patricks day is coming up next Saturday on the 17th of March and it’s certainly not avoidingBudapest. So if you like the […]

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MM College Fund

Tips for Low-Income College Students Travelling Abroad

By Monay Threats-McNeil   Many of us hear stories about how their friend travelled toVenezuelato help build houses for underprivileged families. Or maybe we’ve heard about […]

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New Picture

Scintillating musical trends from Nigeria and Africa reach America and beyond

By Iji Solomon A new wave of musical excitement created by a mix of African grind, hip-hop, soul, and superb videos showing the richness and unique […]

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Practical postgraduate advice and pizza with a McDaniel alumnus

By Kareem Korayem Earlier this month, the college hosted a meeting enabling students to catch up with aMcDanielCollegealumnus. Estephania Luraschi was aMcDanielCollegestudent majoring in Political Science. […]

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A world without war – workshop with Professor Weiss

By Verena Zyla Can you imagine a world without war? I personally have not been able to do so but strongly believe it is possible so […]

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SimicWhat is a Man Without a MoustachePoster

Movie Night: What Is A Man Without A Moustache?

Come enjoy What Is A Man Without A Moustache? with the students of SIS 2100 Gender, Fiction, and Sexuality inCentral Europe, next Monday, 7pm. On Monday, […]

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The Advent and Christmas traditions explained

By Idamina Babarinsa Advent starts four weeks before Christmas (December 25) and it goes on up until Christmas. It started in the 4th century and in […]

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Venezuela en Navidad: Alfonso Majetic celebrates Christmas Venezuelan style

By Alfonso Majetic Christmas is fast upon us and the diverse ways of celebrating this holiday around the world are fascinating. On this occasion, I want […]

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The magic of a Moldovan Christmas

By Alexander Grigorasenco For everyone from a Christian culture Christmas is a very important holiday, and there’s no exception when it comes to Moldovans.Moldovais a small […]

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A Coptic Christmas in Egypt

By Kareem Korayem ThoughEgypthas a majority Muslim population, Christmas is still a very important holiday in the country, celebrated by both Muslims and Christians. The holiday […]

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Horse racing in Budapest

Iji. O. Solomon goes to the races and finds an ideal excuse for starting New Year celebrations early For the lovers of energetic sport, the open […]

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Tuck into traditional Hungarian Christmas food

By Vera Treit As you all know, we Hungarians like abusing our tummies with heavy dishes. These two basic facts don’t tend to change come Christmas. […]

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Charity Concert for the Gal Siblings

On the 17th of December, at 7:00 PM,McDaniel College is opening its doors for a great and important charity concert. The College and the Jewish community […]

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Top Models no more

By Alfonso Majetic [slideshow] The term top model or supermodel has been referring for decades to a highly paid fashion model that has a worldwide reputation […]

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Nightlife: Alexander Grigorasenco gets into the groove at a former iron and copperware factory

The place has an interesting history as well, because the name Mika Tivadar Bar derives from Mika Tivadar himself, who put his name out on the […]

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Heading up to the clouds: the sky’s the limit for efficient college computing

By Idamina Babarinsa For a university or a college, which either successfully achieves its objectives or fails in doing so, the importance of changing its Information […]

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Dead but not buried: millionaires from beyond the grave

By Alfonso Majetic Do you think celebrities earn more millions alive or dead? This is a difficult question to answer. We all know the principle: where […]

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Aerobics: Felix Timmers gets enlightened and in shape by merely attending class

With several doubts and my masculinity on the line I decided to sign up and most importantly to show up for the McDaniel aerobics class. This […]

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UNESCO plays important role in recognizing Palestine at its peril

By Greg Nolan At its general conference in Paris earlier this month,  the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted a whopping 106-14 in […]

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Spotlight on Budapest: Two part special on Gellert Hill and the Saint who was rolled down it to his death

Part 2: Who was Saint Gellert asks Kareem Korayem? Though it has a relatively short history, Budapest is packed with interesting and informative stories which would […]

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Spotlight on Budapest: Two part special on Gellert Hill and the Saint who was rolled down it to his death

  Part 1: Rahmi Umut Kucuktetik gives us a foothold on Gellert Hill Gellert hill is a 235 meter high hill which overlooks the Danube running […]

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