Amy Palmer on the pearl of Prague and why she’s itching to go back

By Amy Palmer

Prague, is a city that has been blessed with a variety of hidden treasures. If your a traveller or even just a student searching for a city with an exciting cultural history yet lively,boisterous nightlife, then look no further as Prague answers to all. Located in the beautiful country of the Czech Republic, Prague is famous for its key sights. Take a venture over the famous Charles Bridge to see the remarkable Prague castle. The castle of Prague is the largest in Eastern Europe and offers a look into different artistic periods,from Gothic to Baroque. You could easily use the whole day walking around the surrounding grounds and gardens. Also see the changing of the guards at the main gate which happens every hour on the hour but at noon there is a special flag ceremony that goes along with it.

Prague Bird's Eye View

 My top recommendations:

1. Prague isn’t a cheap city but with that said you can make it cheap,so ask your hostel/hotel for information tips where they will tell you locations in which you should avoid. Also try to use public transportation as it is not expensive and gets you where you need to go. Its easy to follow and the trains/trams/buses run till after 1 so its great if you have a long night ahead of you but be sure to purchase a ticket as they check tickets frequently(they are dressed in regular clothes so you won’t spot them) and they have no mercy.

2. If you are with a group of friends,looking for a top night out and wanting to do the usual-get very drunk while meeting new fun faces, the Pub Crawl is a most. For 25 euros you visit 4 of the liveliest pubs in Prague. On the first stop,ALL YOU CAN DRINK(beer,wine,vodka/absinthe shots) for the first hour, and with the next 3 stops a complementary drink. The last bar is Eastern Europes largest nightclub with 5 floors of different genres of music and even an ICEBAR and if that wasn’t enough you get a free t-shirt!!!!! It’s advertised all over the city and promotors are also roaming around the squares,so its very easy to locate.

3. There are a lot of museums within the city but the best one for sure is no other than the BEER MUSEUM.  With 30 different beers of tap give your taste buds a treat and learn more about the different types of beers which Prague has to offer. From dark lagers-to chocolate flavoured beer-give it a go,its definitely worth it.

4. Absintherie’s are located all around Prague and if you have never had a go at the green stuff-your in for a first time treat-and where better to try it then Prague.

5.Although the Lennon wall is not a historical landmark it is definitely worth a visit. Just over the Charles bridge and easily signed, you can find images and lyrical music texts spray painted across a giant wall where you and your friends can write your own message-so bring a pen and get writing!

6.The Jewish district is small must obviously a massive part in the History of Prague.

7.There are many free walking tours of the city with I highly recommend doing. They take around 3 hours and you cover all the main sights and landmarks of Prague(not the Lennon wall or the Dancing tower though).

8.The old town square is a lively square,filled with many tourists snapping away at the astronomical clock which was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working. That in itself is worth seeing. Every hour a large crowd gather around the clock,so it is very easy to find within the square.

9.While walking around we found a lovely bakeshop,ironically called Bakeshop prague which is located within the Old town and offers a variety of freshly baked goods. From a variety of cakes to bagels to cooked meals. You will be set for the day ahead.

10.As I travelled in March the weather was still as imagined pretty cold but if travelling in the summer I would recommend a cruise down the Danube river. Advertised all around the city-so again easy to find information on.

11.Also remember that Czech Republic does not use the euro. There currency is the Koruna(crown). There is easy access to euro exchange booths and cash machines located  all around the city.

All these sights are all within easy reach of each other and are in the main city centre.

I travelled to Prague a month ago and I am already itching to go back. As an art student and someone who enjoys learning about the many different types of art, Prague is definitely one of the most historic and beautiful cities I have visited. The 30 sculptures of the saints on the Charles Bridge themselves are exceptional. My particular favourite (apart from the night infested alcohol binges) was the Statue of St John of Nepomuk. This is the oldest statue on the bridge and it also tells the story of the life of St John. He was the confessor to Queen Johanna and was thrown off the bridge in 1393 where he drowned. It is now supposed to be lucky to touch the bronze statue as it will bring you good fortune and supposedly ensure that you will return to Prague.

I was sadly only in Prague for a long weekend so there is without a doubt more more sights to see and enjoy (museums, galleries, even a ghost tour of the cities supposed hauntings, etc.) but I hope you found this somewhat helpful if you ever set your sights on travelling to this lively city. You know you want to-so JUST DO IT.




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