Aerobics: Felix Timmers gets enlightened and in shape by merely attending class

With several doubts and my masculinity on the line I decided to sign up and most importantly to show up for the McDaniel aerobics class. This is an excellent class for the lazy student who needs to make an essential change in life. Getting up at a decent time for a good work out is the best way to start your day and feel refreshed throughout. Besides it is never a bad idea to get in better shape.

The instructor provides each class a new set of different exercises covering lots of different muscle groups every class. The scheduled exercises vary to power training, Zumba (an upcoming Latin-American dance exercise), kickboxing and step aerobics. The movements are executed dynamically to the rhythm of the music, which most of the time is energetic. This keeps up the speed of movements and makes it challenging and more fun. Furthermore the physical condition is being seriously worked on during the class. The class finishes with final stretch of all the muscles which helps the flexibility of the body to improve; a perfect way to end the class.

After all it was a surprisingly good physical activity course and a good experience which exceeded my expectations. All together, it’s a great course and certainly recommendable for both men and women.

The course is given each Wednesday at 10:15 and instructed by Réka Ránky. The location of the aerobics course is the Veterinary school in the small sports hall. Just make sure to take a bottle of water, comfortable training gear, decent sport shoes and some will power along with you.

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