KC Bosco

Do you love music? Does your taste in music span from across different centuries and different genres? Have you been frustrated in looking for a place – even online – to get hold of that “old music” that you used to listen when you where young? The kind that makes you smile and gives you the nostalgic feelings of childhood or the good old times. Well, look no further because your lucky self just needs to visit the music collection of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabo Library, Budapest. I visited the library and was highly impressed by their collection. For example, I have tried many times to download the album of Handel entitled Judas Maccabeus online but to no avail, but guess what, I saw it in the library. I also saw my childhood favorite song Waka Waka, the 1986 Makossa Original version by Golden Sounds and not the version popularized by Shakira for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. And the rest of classical music and traditional music of different cultures around the world was there and I bet yours will be there too, whether it be jazz, pop, blues, alternative… you name it.

The library is also a branch of the BBC online music encyclopedia, which gives you access to any information regarding any type of music, and I mean any! In fact, the only place you can access such fantastic and ever-useful information in Hungary is in this library. Sounds like it is too good to be true? Well, a visit to the library will cast away your doubts. Another attractive thing is the membership of the library is subsidized for students to the price of 2,000 HUF for a year. For a price that is cheaper than a two Chicken Whopper Menus in Burger King, you get to access, download and listen to any type of music you love for a year. What could be better?

To give you an insight, click here for an excerpt from their website regarding their services.


• Borrowing music scores, books, CDs, videotapes
• Information about services, music literature, special literature on music and the stock of the library
• Internet information about the stock of Hungarian and foreign music libraries; search service
• Eight research places and eight audio places for listening to music. It provides an opportunity to play and listen to analogue or compact recordings, video tapes, audio tapes and DAT tapes. PC access is also provided.

For more information, about opening hours etc, visit their website.

Or visit it at Ötpacsirta utca 4 in Budapest’s 8th district,, which is very close to Kalvin tér metro station and the back of the National Museum.

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