September 2014 College Budapest


Travelling back in time in the historic city of Yazd.

By Faraz Mohammadi Bahabadi A living testimony to an intelligent use of limited resources in the desert for Survival. The historic city of Yazd, A UNESCO […]

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Empty apartments march in Budapest

    By Cristina Ciobanu   A Város Mindenkié (AVM) (The City for All) organized a march in Budapest on September 27 to grab the attention […]

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Free Inner-Peace at the Tibet Center

By Aletta Morariu     Are you feeling stressed from studying, essays, and the pressures of everyday life?  If so, you should check out The Tibet […]

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Stepping it up: making the transition to advanced workouts

By Virág Kiss If you’re reading this, then you should be past the beginner stage of weight training and in search of the best intermediate or advanced workouts […]

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