June 2014 College Budapest


Travelling back in time in the historic city of Yazd.

By Faraz Mohammadi Bahabadi A living testimony to an intelligent use of limited resources in the desert for Survival. The historic city of Yazd, A UNESCO […]

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Five tips for razor sharp abs

 By Virág Kiss   Nowadays everyone wants to know the secret to gaining that ever coveted six pack. Training abs is easy, but training them right […]

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Professional Tips by Virág Kiss

Hello there, I’m Virág Kiss professional bikini model and BioTech USA- sponsored athlete. My fitness journey began in 2012, my first year of competing. In 2013, […]

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World Cup: 5 players that are likely to surprise you

  By Nikolas Gavriil Now the World Cup is in full swing and all football lovers around the world are lapping up the excitement of the […]

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Going Mad for Donuts in Budapest

  By Zsófia Balassa After a hard day of studying and stress, we all just want to take a few hours of our day and relax, […]

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  The FIFA World Cup 2014: Things you need to know.

 By Oluwafemi Samuel The FIFA world cup comes once in every four years and has proven to be one of the greatest sporting tournaments around the […]

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