May 2014 College Budapest

First Uber, then Airbnb ?

By Borisz Priszjazsnyuk Different international companies try to enter the Hungarian market. We can see the presence of companies, such as Uber, Airbnb and Lime in […]

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Treasure hunting at Ecseri flea market

By Aletta Morariu I recently took a trip to check out the Ecseri Flea Market at Nagykőrösi út 156. Although I was unlucky to get caught […]

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Awesome Amsterdam  

  By Jeanett Mari Gibson Short Nilsen   When you enter the city of Amsterdam, the first thing you see is the never-ending stream of people […]

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1 April 2014 035

Lecture on personal experience with UNHCR: travelling beyond borders with Igor Ciobanu                                    

  By Oluwafemi Samuel     Mr. Igor Ciobanu a Veteran of the United Nations refugee agency was kind enough to visit our college and gave […]

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working poor

The Working Poor: What it takes to stay afloat  

  By Laura Pollard   The working poor are a growing class within the United States. Those who fall below the poverty line, some 46.2 million […]

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Raqpart-this summer the-place-to-go

By Cristina Ciobanu   Beginning May 1 everyone can say goodbye to sleepy nights! Summer season stars and with it many new places appear!   Do […]

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