July 2013 College Budapest


Travelling back in time in the historic city of Yazd.

By Faraz Mohammadi Bahabadi A living testimony to an intelligent use of limited resources in the desert for Survival. The historic city of Yazd, A UNESCO […]

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Opening the doors to Budapest’s prestigious past

  Doors have as many different meanings as appearances. They may represent an entrance or an exit, a passage to a new opportunity or an escape. A […]

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Art Nouveau Walking Tour Part 1

Welcome to the first of two tours that between them offer a comprehensive picture of Art Nouveau, or Szeszeció as it is known locally, in Budapest […]

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Scintillating Szeszeció: Budapest’s unique take on the Art Nouveau movement

By Fahime Tehrani Hungary covers the vast range of art schools that have come into being over the centuries, and its Budapest is one of the […]

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