June 2013 College Budapest


Travelling back in time in the historic city of Yazd.

By Faraz Mohammadi Bahabadi A living testimony to an intelligent use of limited resources in the desert for Survival. The historic city of Yazd, A UNESCO […]

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Film review: The Great Gatsby

By Mark-Antonio Zivic The “Roaring Twenties” was the age of prosperity, party, carelessness and just sheer exuberance. The popular decade is also the setting of Francis […]

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Summer Festival Go-To Guide 2013

By Fahime Tehrani  We are thrilled to bring you a short overview of Budapest summer life. Regardless of the high temperatures these sweltering days, Hungary provides […]

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North Korea: What’s Next?

By Norbert Horvath Tensions have been rising since this past February after North Korea announced it had conducted an underground nuclear test, its third in seven […]

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