November 2012 College Budapest


Travelling back in time in the historic city of Yazd.

By Faraz Mohammadi Bahabadi A living testimony to an intelligent use of limited resources in the desert for Survival. The historic city of Yazd, A UNESCO […]

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Come let’s make a Date to Tango! If you get a little tired just hesitate un poco!

By Iji O. Solomon   It’s exciting to know we will actually be having a Tango evening at McDanielCollege this Wednesday!—6:00pm, Room 220. If you’re hearing […]

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And the Youngest Triple F1 World Champion is…

By João Salviano Carmo   The build-up for the last Grand Prix of the season in Interlagos, Brazil, promised an intense and dramatic race that would […]

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Down to the Wire… F1 Youngest Triple Champion on the line!

By João Salviano Carmo   Interlagos will be the grand decider of this year’s Formula 1 World Champion. The Brazilian track, famous for its unpredictable weather […]

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Toyota Recall…Again!

By Norbert Horvath   The world’s largest and most profitable auto company has had yet another downfall, and severely bruised the brands name. Since 2005, Toyota […]

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Benefits of Reading

By Abiade Zainab According to a research survey of Associated Press only 47% of young people read books and this is because the internet is taking […]

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Interview With Levente Somogyi, Mental Health Counselor at McDaniel Europe

By Iji O. Solomon   Have you noticed an advert on the school notice board for some time that there is free mental health service for […]

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UN Trip Group Shot (2)

Student Union/Activity In McDaniel

By Abiade  Zainab Adeyimika   Enter any classroom in McDaniel College, and ask for the room to divide into two groups: those who are aware of […]

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Introducing Two New Chinese Girls

By ShuanDan Lin   Our McDanielCollege is an international college that has students from all over the world. In the college, I had the chance of […]

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Skyfall – The Best Bond Film in the Craig Era

By Lorinc Miklos   This is the film that James Bond fans have been waiting for since the premier of Casino Royale in 2006.   In […]

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hun 09

Knowing Your Classmates

By Ruth Odusami Knowing your classmates is not a big deal though sometimes, it can be challenging. You will enjoy your studies much more if you […]

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