Spring 2017 Course Offerings

Major Courses

(Any course may be taken as an elective if there are no prerequisites or a student has satisfied them.)

Art and Art History

McDaniel Plan Designation

CE ART 1117 Design (Prof. Zsofia Görömbei)
ART 3307 Web Design (Prof. Janos Szüdi)
ART 3313 Painting (Prof. Tamás Szigeti)
CE AHY 1114 History of Western Art II (Profs Janos Szirmai and Gabriella Szigethy)
IN,TA AHY 3308 World Contemporary Art (Prof. Gabriella Szigethy)
IN AHY 3200 Writing in Art and Art History (Prof. Orsolya Danyi)




Passing both parts of the Math Proficiency Test (Arithmetic & Basic Algebra) is a general pre-requisite for all courses in Business, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics.  The prerequisite for upper-level (3000 or 4000) courses in Economics is completion of ECO 2201 Principles of Economics

BUA 1102 Principles of Accounting II (Prof. Réka Martel)
QR MAT 1117 Calculus I (Prof.Balázs Patkós)
SCH ECO 2201 Principles of Economics (Prof. Laszlo Horvath)
BUA 2209 Principles of Marketing (Prof. Zoltan Sipos)
QR STA 2216 Statistical Methods  (Prof.Balázs Laki)
ECO 3320 Macroeconomic Theory (Prof. Gabor Antal)
ECO 4405 The History of Economic Thought (Prerequisites: ECO 2201 and senior standing or permission of the instructor) (Prof. Aladar Madarasz)
BUA 4323 Corporate Finance and Financial Management (Prof. László Horváth)
ENG 1103 Introduction to Journalism (Prof. Robert Smyth)
ENG 2204 Advanced News Reporting and Writing (Prof. Robert Smyth)




COM 1103 Intro to Communication II: Media (Prof. Jolan Roka)
COM 3160 Health Communication (Prof. Barna Szamosi)
MC COM 3xxx Creative Art Management (Visiting Prof. Josh Ambrose)
CE CIN 3303 Great Masters of European Film (Prof. Laszlo Arato)
COM 4594 Senior Seminar (Prerequisites: COM 2203, 2204, one 3000-level course) (Prof. Jolan Roka)



Political Science

 SCH PSI 21101 Introduction to Political Science (Prof. Deniz Bingol-Hall)
QR PSI 2219 Research Design and Methods (Prof. Bruno Silva)
IN PSI 3315 Ethnicity and Nationalism (Prof. Andrew Ryder)
IN PSI 3307 US Foreign Policy (Prof. Peter Schimert)
IN PSI 3333 Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution in the Post-Cold War (Prof. Csaba Törő)
PSI 3398 Guided Independent Study (2 CR)
PSI 4492 Senior Seminar (Prof. Peter Schimert)




Completion of PSY 1106 is a general pre-requisite for all PSY courses

SCH PSY 1106 Introduction to Psychology (Prof. Luis Murillo)
SIL PSY 2215 Cognitive Psychology (Prof. Anna Babarczy)
QR PSY 2224 Psychological Methods and Statistics w/Lab (Prerequisite: Completion of PSY 2223) (Prof. Anna Babarczy)
PSY 2211 Abnormal Psychology (Prof. Yotam Kramer)
PSY 3218 Hormones and Behavior (Prerequisites: PSY 2214 Behavioral Neuroscience) (Prof. Máté Toth)
PSY 4492 Capstone in Psychology (Prof. Anna Babarczy)



Journalism and New Media Minor

ENG 1103 Introduction to Journalism (Prof. Robert Smyth)
ENG 2204 Advanced News Reporting and Writing (Prof. Robert Smyth)
ENG 2205 Media Ethics (Prof. Jolan Roka)
ENG 2295 Internship w/Journalism Focus (Arranged in consultation with Prof. Robert Smyth)



Competence Courses

FYS 1170 First Year Seminar (An Introduction to the Liberal Arts through Research) (Prof. Robert Smyth)
CW ENG 1101 Intro to College Writing (Prof. Marta Siklos)
ESL 1003 Intro to Critical Reading/TOEFL Intensive – 2 credits (Prof. Marta Siklos)
MAT 1001/1002 Mathematics Workshop (Non-credit Pass/Fail course)



Physical Education  Skill activities

PES EPE 1071 Basketball (Prof. Reka Ranky)
PES EPE 1063 Floor Hockey (Prof. Reka Ranky)



Fitness Activities

PEF EPE 1055A Aerobics (Prof. Reka Ranky)
PEF EPE 1047 Social Dance (Salsa) (Prof. Reka Ranky)
PEF EPE 1055Y (Sp Topic) Yoga  (Prof.Andrea Sándor)



ELECTIVES satisfying McDaniel Plan requirements

ENG2208Psychology in the Workplace(Prof. Berne Weiss)

SIL BIO 2100 The Molecular Design of Life (Prof. László Nyitray)
CCS 1103 BP The European Heritage (Venice-Vienna Tour; one credit)
CE ENG 2208 Creative Writing: Fiction (Visiting Prof. Josh Ambrose)
MC/TA ENG 2217 Growing up in America (Prof. Gabor Molnar)
SI GSC 2210 History of Modern Science (Prof. Matthew Adamson)
IW HIS 2202 Formation of Western Europe (Prof. Peter Schimert)
MC/SCH HIS 2105 Formation of Western Europe (Prof. Peter Schimert)
HUN 1101 Elementary Hungarian I (Prof. Erika Fallier)
IW SIS 2xxx Paths of Innovation (Profs. Orsolya Danyi & Agnes Orzoy)

(Please note that the College reserves the right to cancel or add courses or to make substitutions)


Explanation of Codes McDaniel Plan Designations

CE Creative Expression
CW College Writing
FYS First-Year Seminar
IN Inetrnational Non-Western
MC Multicultural
IW International Western
PEF/PES Physical Education Fitness/Skill
QR Quantitative Reasoning
SCH Social, Cultural and Historical Understanding
SI Scientific Inquiry
SIL Scientific Inquiry with Lab
SIS Sophomore Interdisciplinary Study
SL Second Language
TA Textual Analysis