Major Courses and Required Books

(Any course may be taken as an elective if there are no prerequisites or a student has satisfied them.)

Art and Art History

McDaniel Plan Designation

CE ART 1101 Perceptual Drawing(Prof. Zsofia Görömbei)
CE ART 2xxx Digital and Traditional Collage (Profs Zsofia Gorombei & Csilla Koszeghy)
ART 3317 Color in Art and Design (Prof. Csilla Koszeghy & Tamas Szigeti)
ART 4492 Senior Show Preparation
AHY 4491 Capstone Research
CE AHY 1113 History of Western Art I (Profs Gabriella Szigethy & Janos Szirmai)  Pdf files will be sent by the professor
IW,SCH AHY 2302 Italian Renaissance Art (Prof. Orsolya Danyi) Art in Renaissance Italy 1350-1500
Author: Evelyn Welch, OUP Oxford; Reissue ed. edition (14 Sept. 2000)



Passing both parts of the Math Proficiency Test (Arithmetic & Basic Algebra) is a general pre-requisite for all courses in Business, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics.  The prerequisite for upper-level (3000 or 4000) courses in Economics is completion of ECO 2201 Principles of Economics

BUA 1101 Principles of Accounting I (Prof. Gergely Mohl) Financial & Managerial Accounting
Author: Jan Williams, Susan Haka, Mark S Bettner, Joseph V Carcello 17th Edition,
QR MAT 1107 College Algebra  (Prof. Marta Lang-Lazi)
SCH ECO 2201 Principles of Economics (Prof. Laszlo Horvath)
 QR STA 2215 Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences (Prof. Padmini Mukkamala) Statistics for business and economics
Author: Anderson Sweeny Williams 7th Edition
BUA 2210 Ethics and Business (Prof. Bruce Hoggard) Business Ethics and Values, Fourth Edition; Fisher, Lovell and Valero-Silva, Pearson Publishing, 2013 (ISBN: 978-0-273-75791-7 print).
ECO 3303 Microeconomic Theory (Prof. Gabor Antal)
ECO 3304 International Economics (Profs. Zoltan Sipos & Gabor Antal)  Thomas A. Pugel: International Economics (16th edition)
BUA 4310 Money and Financial Markets (Prof. L. Horvath)
(Prerequisites: ECO 2201 and junior or senior standing)
ENG 1103 Introduction to Journalism (Prof. Robert Smyth)
ENG 2214 Editing and Desktop Publishing (Prof. Robert Smyth) (Prerequisite: Completion of ENG 1103)  Reader will be available in room 222



COM 1102 Introduction to Communication I: Interpersonal (Prof. Jolan Roka) The Interpersonal Communication Book (13th edition)
Author: Joseph A. DeVito
 CE CIN 1101 Introduction to Cinema (Prof. Laszlo Arato)
COM 2205 Public Speaking (Prof. Andras Gerevich) Lucas, Stephen E. The Art of Public Speaking, 11th edition
McGraw-Hill Education, 2011
COM 2350 Communication and Culture (Prof. Barna Szamosi) Reader will be sent by the professor
COM 3901 Research Proposal (1 credit) (Prof. Jolan Roka)
COM 4594 Senior Seminar (Prof. Jolan Roka)


Political Science

SCH PSI 1101 Introduction to Political Science (Prof. Deniz Bingol Hall) The Human Polity: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science,5th Edition
SCH, TA PSI 2208 Inventors of Political Ideas: Intro to Political Theory (Prof. Peter Schimert) Reader will be available in room 222
SCH PSI 2218 On the Move: Immigration and Security in Europe (Prof. Tamas Hoffman)
PSI 2207 American Public Policy (Prof. Kristin Makszin) American Public Policy: An Introduction
Author:  Clarke E. Cochran, Lawrence C. Mayer, T. R. Carr, N. Joseph Cayer, Mark McKenzie, 11th Edition
PSI 3201 United Kingdom: Politics of Stability and Change (Prof. Andrew Ryder)
PSI 4492 Senior Seminar (Prof. Peter Schimert)



Completion of PSY 1106 is a general pre-requisite for all PSY courses

SCH PSY 1106 Introduction to Psychology (Prof. Luis Murrillo)
PSY 2204 Social Psychology (Prof. Luis Murrillo)
 SCH PSY 2209 Developmental Psychology (Prof. Anna Babarczy) Developmental Psychology
Author: Patrick Leman, Andy Bremner, Ross D Parke & Mary Gauvain, 2012 Edition
PSY 3306 Adolescent Behavior (Prof. Yotam Kramer)
SI PSY 2214 Behavioral Neuroscience (Prof. Agnes Kittel)
QR PSY 2223  Research Methods & Statistics (Prof. Anna Babarczy) Prerequisites: PSY 1106 and passing of the Math Proficiency Test
PSY 3200 Writing in Psychology (Prof. Máté Tóth) Writing in psychology
Author:Scott A. Miller. (2014)
PSY 4492 Capstone in Psychology (Prof. Anna Babarczy) Pre/Corequisites: PSY 2224 , PSY 3200 and junior or senior status

Journalism and New Media Minor

ENG 1103 Introduction to Journalism (Prof. Robert Smyth)
ENG 2214 Editing and Desktop Publishing (Prof. R. Smyth) Prerequisite: Completion of ENG 1103
CE ENG 3307 New Media Writing (Prof. Zoltan Szuts)

Competence Courses

FYS 1170 First-Year Seminar An Intro to the Liberal Arts through Research (Prof. Robert Smyth)
CW ENG 1101 Introduction to College Writing (4 credits) (Prof. Marta Siklos)
ESL 1002 Oral Communication Skills – 2 credits (Prof. Wylie Hughes)
ESL 1003 Introduction to Critical Reading/TOEFL – 2 credits (Prof. Marta Siklos)
MAT 1001/1002 Mathematics Workshop  (Pass/Fail course, mandatory for students having failed either part of the Math Placement Test)


Physical Education  Skill activities

PES EPE 1069 Badminton (Prof.Réka Ránky)
PES EPE 1091 Volleyball (Prof.Réka Ránky)


Fitness Activities

PEF EPE 1016 Weight Training (Prof.Réka Ránky)
PEF EPE 1047 Folk/Social Dance (Salsa) (Prof.Réka Ránky)
PEF EPE 1055Y (Sp Topic) Yoga (Prof.Andrea Sándor)


ELECTIVES NOT APPEARING ABOVE (McDaniel Plan designation in left margin)

SIL BIO 2100 The Molecular Design of Life (Prof.László Nyitray) Handout will be available
 CCS 1103 BP The European Heritage (Venice-Vienna Tour; one credit)
 IW/TA ENG 2220 World Literature (Prof. Gabor Molnar) Goethe, Faust. Part One. trans. David Luke, Oxford UP, 1987, reissued 2008, ISBN: 978-0199536214
Mikhail Bulgakov, Master and Margarita, trans. Diana Burgin and Katherine Tiernan O’Connor, Vintage, 1996, ISBN: 978-0679760801
 IW  HIS 2104 Illusory Frontiers: Changing Political, Cultural, and Mental Borders (Prof. Atilla Pók) Central Europe: Enemies, Neighbors, Friends.
3rd Edition by Lonnie Johnson . Oxford University Press, 2010.
 IN  MUL 1140  World Music Survey (Prof. Kornel Magyar) J. T. Titon: Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s Peoples
SL  HUN 1101  Elementary Hungarian I (Prof. Katalin Miklosy)  Pdf/reader will be sent by the professor
SL HUN 1102 Elementary Hungarian II (Prof. Katalin Miklosy)  Pdf/reader will be sent by the professor

(Please note that the College reserves the right to cancel or add courses or to make substitutions)


Explanation of Codes McDaniel Plan Designations

CE Creative Expression
CW College Writing
FYS First-Year Seminar
IN Inetrnational Non-Western
MC Multicultural
IW International Western
PEF/PES Physical Education Fitness/Skill
QR Quantitative Reasoning
SCH Social, Cultural and Historical Understanding
SI Scientific Inquiry
SIL Scientific Inquiry with Lab
SIS Sophomore Interdisciplinary Study
SL Second Language
TA Textual Analysis